About VQM

About Vermont Quality Meats

Vermont Quality Meats (VQM) started as a co-operative venture with 48 farmer members in 1999.
While VQM has steadily expanded its supplier and customer base, it continues to purchase products from many of the original co-op members and sell to many of the original restaurants and markets.

We aggregate our products at VQM’s headquarters in South Royalton, Vermont, on Wednesdays and make delivery of our “always fresh, never frozen” products weekly to restaurants and butcher shops throughout New England and New York.

We believe that Vermont Quality Meats provides a valuable service to many small family farms. By marketing their exceptional products to high-end restaurants and markets, we are able to pay the farmer a very favorable price.

Vermont Quality Meats Mission Statement

Our mission at Vermont Quality Meats is to consistently provide products and services that both satisfy the expectations for our customers and provide a sustainable profit for our farmers.