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Fine Food from Small Farms
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Vermont Quality Meats works closely with small family farms and cheesemakers in Vermont to provide premium quality meats, poultry and artisan cheeses to fine dining restaurants and butcher shops throughout New England and New York. The animals we sell are humanely raised in healthy environments without the use of growth hormones or antibiotics, and are processed locally at USDA-inspected facilities. We deliver fresh products to our customers’ doors every week. Purchasing products from Vermont Quality Meats helps support small family farms and ensures continued access to some of the finest and healthiest foods available in New England.


Restaurant Sales

At Vermont Quality Meats we take great pride in supplying premium Vermont farm raised meats and Vermont artisan cheeses to some of the best known chefs in the Northeast. Our meats are delivered fresh weekly to our customers’ doors, as a natural and flavorful alternative to industrially raised meats.

At a time when consciousness is growing about sustainably-raised, safe foods and the importance of supporting small independent farms, discriminating chefs and diners want to know where their food comes from and how it is raised. Chefs also know that good food depends on good product.

At Vermont Quality Meats, we know our farmers and we stand behind the quality and freshness of our products.

To order Vermont farm raised meats, poultry, game birds, Vermont artisan cheeses and other Vermont specialty products call 802-763-7400 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. A sampling of our restaurant and gourmet food shop customers includes:

New York

‘21’ Club 
Del Posto
Lincoln Ristorante 
The Greene Grape


Café Fleuri, The Langham Hotel 
Concord Prime Craft Butcher & Fishmonger 
Formaggio Kitchen
Nourish Fresh Grill & Bar
Rialto Restaurant & Bar
Sherman’s Café & Market  


Restaurant Jean Louis
The Boathouse at Saugatuck

Rhode Island

Chez Pascal 
Ocean House
Persimmon Provisions  

Vermont & New Hampshire

Carpenter & Main
Goddard College
Pauline’s Cafe
Three Tomatoes Trattoria,  Burlington, VT and Lebanon, NH


About Vermont Quality Meats

Vermont Quality Meats (VQM) started as a co-operative venture with 48 farmer members in 1999.
While VQM has steadily expanded its supplier and customer base, it continues to purchase products from many of the original co-op members and sell to many of the original restaurants and markets.

We aggregate our products at VQM’s headquarters in South Royalton, Vermont, on Wednesdays and make delivery of our “always fresh, never frozen” products weekly to restaurants and butcher shops throughout New England and New York.

We believe that Vermont Quality Meats provides a valuable service to many small family farms. By marketing their exceptional products to high-end restaurants and markets, we are able to pay the farmer a very favorable price.

Vermont Quality Meats Mission Statement

Our mission at Vermont Quality Meats is to consistently provide products and services that both satisfy the expectations for our customers and provide a sustainable profit for our farmers.

Fresh Meat & Artisan Cheese for Gourmet Food Markets and Butcher Shops

At a time when awareness of food sourcing and food safety is steadily growing, discriminating eaters are looking for healthier, fresh foods to feed themselves and their families. There is a growing interest in supporting small sustainable farms that treat their land and animals with care. People want to know that the animals they are eating have been given access to pasture, feed free of antibiotics and growth hormones, and that they have been humanely processed. It’s important for consumers and their butchers to know that they can trust the source of these products.

At Vermont Quality Meats, we know the farmers and cheese makers who supply us with locally raised meats, poultry, game birds, and artisan cheeses. Our farmer suppliers respect our protocol and raise their animals and meat birds free of antibiotics and growth hormones. Our products are always fresh and have never been frozen. As farmers ourselves, we know the flavor and quality of the meat is dependent on how it has been raised, fed and processed, and as a result we insist upon the very best quality.

Every week, we deliver our meats, poultry, Vermont artisan cheeses, and specialty products fresh to high-end butcher shops, meat markets and gourmet food shops in New York and New England.

If interested in learning more about the products we offer please call 802-763-7400 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..